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HR Advisory Services

Looking for expert HR advisory services? Look no further. We offer services in HR Structures, HR Audits, Workforce Restructuring, HR policies, processes, procedures and tools.

HR Advisory Services

HR Audits

Whether you have an inhouse HR department or not, there is always the need for a 3rd eye to check your policies, processes and procedures to ensure that your HR practices are compliant to the labour laws and progressive in terms of best practice. We guide you on how to close the gaps and remedy any labour laws violation to ensure that your HR function aids the progress of your business or organization most effectively.


They say, the person who knows where the shoe pinches most is the shoe wearer. Whether it’s an Employee Engagement Survey, a Culture Survey, a Customer Survey or Stakeholder Survey, we got you. It is important to carry out pulse surveys and allow for the key stakeholders’ voices to be heard. This includes employees. This is the only way that you get to develop products and services that speak to the needs of your clients. This is the only way that you provide a conducive harmonious environment for your employees to thrive.

Workforce Restructuring

Different organizations go through different life cycles. There is a time when there is need to re-think the strategy or a project life cycle comes to an end or donor funding is no longer forthcoming or the business is simply no longer generating the desired revenue. This calls for a relook at the workforce in terms of optimal numbers that the business can sustain. We come in to help you think through the right structure for the need at that point, the number of staff, type of skills and level of experience required to sustain the on goings of the organization during the next phase of the organization’s life cycle.

Change Management

They say the only thing that is constant is Change. With change, comes resistance and fear. The process of change has to be managed in a systematic way where all factors are taken into consideration. What is the change? Who and what does this change affect? How do we communicate about the change? How do we mitigate any identified and unforeseen risks? How do we transition to the new normal? We at HA help you manage this process to ensure a smooth transition.

HR Tools Development and Reviews

Do you need a HR policy manual developed or reviewed? Do you need job descriptions developed? Contracting documents? Performance management tools? You name it….we’ve got your back!

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