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Recruitment and Headhunting

We offer the best recruitment and headhunting services with a focus on quality, inclusivity, diversity, and equality. We specialize in empowering qualified individuals including differently abled persons by identifying their potential and placing them in organizations that share similar values. Our extensive database provides access to diverse talent to meet our clients’ business objectives.

Recruitment and Headhunting

What We Offer in Recruitment and Headhunting

1. Persons Abled Differently – At Human Asset, we believe that each and every individual has something to offer and we endeavor to empower qualified persons abled differently by identifying their potential and placing them in organizations that uphold values that focus on Inclusivity, Diversity and Equality. We have a rich databank which our clients can tap into for different talents that helps drive your business agenda and achieve your strategy.


2. Longlisting & Shortlisting Services – Our state of the art Recruitment software helps with the longlisting and shortlisting process for clients who have advertised with us, received a significantly high number of applications or do not have time to go through the longlist. We ensure clarity on the selection criteria and use this information to configure the system selection to longlist and shortlist accordingly. Candidates can apply for available jobs here.


3. Interview Facilitation Services – We provide interview secretariat services to those clients who are looking to outsource this part of the recruitment process. This helps in ensuring transparency, efficiency and documentation completeness. It also saves on time and allows for our clients to focus on other core matters as we finalize all the interview analysis, reports and communications.


4. Background and Reference Check – We conduct background checks and reference checks on the candidates for our clients whether we are the ones who have interviewed for you or if you have interviewed yourself but need us to support you with the checks. Our focus is on the following avenues:- 

  • Verification of all academic and professional certificates and any other government document that may be necessary like tax compliance certificate. 
  • Use our networks to get information from previous employers and associates (due diligence). 
  • Get in touch with institutions where the candidates are active in other social activities e.g. clubs or professional bodies to help get further information about the candidate. 
  • Criminal checks. 
  • CRB checks.


5. Psychometric and Aptitude Assessments – Our Psychometric and Aptitude Assessments vary depending on what assessments our clients need. These are offered depending on different focus such as individual profiling, leadership profiling, personality and role comparison amongst others.

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