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Outsourced Labour Services

Employers spend a lot of time recruiting, managing and handling disciplinary matters in relation to support staff that really, is not their core business and thus find that wasted hours are spent not on the core matters of the business, but rather, on matters related to staff operations and disciplines.

We are among the leading Outsourced Labour Management companies in Kenya and offer complete end-to-end Labour Management solutions, ensuring that we customize our services to suit your needs.

We at Human Asset come in to support you by ensuring the recruitment of the best and supplying you with these people at your convenience. We remove the headache of disciplinary matters, union interaction, litigation and time spent on recruitment from you.

Benefits of our Outsourced Labour Services

  • Reduced Labour Costs– The overall cost of employment and cost of time is reduced.
  • Effective and efficient management of Labour– This is no longer your headache and your team spends less time on people related issues, focusing on the core operational matters.
  • Transfer of Risk of Employment– The labour related risks associated with employees whose roles are not core to the business are transferred to us and away from you.This reduces your headcount dynamics as they are technically seconded employees from Human Asset.
  • Reduction of time consuming and repetitive administrative work – This gives you the client more time to focus on productive and strategic work.
  • Reduced employee downtime - Timely and professional handling of all employee issues and short turnaround times when it comes to employee replacement.
  • Payroll Management- We ensure the processing of salaries and salary advances (where applicable) and we also ensure that the statutory obligations which include PAYE, NHIF, NSSF and any other allowable deductions are deducted and remitted to the appropriate state body for all outsourced staff.
  • Medical Benefit- When the client requires outsourced staff to be provided with a medical cover, we facilitate this on your behalf.
  • Injury Benefit- We cover the outsourced staff with an injury at work insurance policy in line with the Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA) policy.
  • Recruitment Process- We interview/assess and recruit on your behalf the most suitable person in line with the job scope for you. We also use various assessment tools to test their competencies and skills and ensure that a thorough background check is done on each employee before we recommend them to you. This includes certificate of good conduct.
  • Training- We train the employees on soft skills, general professional etiquette skills, 1stAid and Firefighting skills thus reducing your training costs and providing you with persons of high work ethics and good etiquette.
  • Leave management– We handle the leave obligation in line with the Employment Act for these employees.
  • Disciplinary matters management – We work together with you to ensure that we address all disciplinary issues and follow the right procedure as per the legal requirements.
  • Labour Laws- We keep up-to date with the Labour Laws and help you be in compliance with these laws. 
  • Performance Management- We work with you to ensure that the outsourced staff is performing as per expectation and use various performance management tools to do so.

What kind of positions do we offer for Outsourced Labour?

Some of the positions we manage for existing clients are as indicated below:-
  • Machine Operators
  • Clerks
  • Secretaries
  • Office Administrators
  • Personal Assistants
  • Drivers
  • Receptionists
  • Tea persons/messengers
  • Waiters/Waitresses
  • Customer Service Staff
  • Nurses
  • Merchandizers
  • Accountants
  • HR Officers

This is not limited and we can also support various categories of staff unique to your business.


Our Working Methodology

We believe in partnering with our clients in any assignment we do. Our practice is to ensure the following:-

  • Clear understanding of scope of assignment including Terms of Reference. 
  • Establish contact person from our Client’s side. 
  • Frequent review meetings with at least a monthly meeting involving our Team Leader. This is followed by a monthly report. 
  • Weekly visits by our Client Relations Manager to your premises for a de-briefing meeting with your contact person. 
  • In some cases and if the numbers allow, we recommend on-site supervision. In this case, we station a Supervisor at your premises to manage the day to day employee related issues that may arise and to also ensure that the employees are well motivated and managed.
  • Constant communication with Client through phone, email and site visits. 

Our Clients so far